case study coffee

Case Study Coffee is a specialty coffee company based in Portland, Oregon, known for its high-quality coffee beans and carefully crafted brews. It was founded in 2009 by Christine Herman and Wes Russell, who sought to create a space where coffee enthusiasts could experience the art and science of coffee preparation.

Here’s a brief case study of Case Study Coffee:

  1. Background and Vision: Case Study Coffee was born out of a passion for coffee and a desire to provide an exceptional coffee experience. The founders, Christine Herman and Wes Russell, aimed to showcase the diversity and complexity of coffee by sourcing beans from different regions and roasting them to highlight their unique flavors.
  2. Quality Coffee Sourcing: One of the key aspects of Case Study Coffee’s success is its commitment to sourcing high-quality coffee beans. They work directly with coffee farmers and cooperatives around the world, focusing on sustainable and ethical practices. By establishing direct relationships, Case Study Coffee ensures that they can obtain the best beans and support the livelihoods of coffee producers.
  3. Roasting and Flavor Profiling: Case Study Coffee takes pride in their meticulous approach to roasting. They carefully select the roast profiles for each coffee bean to enhance its inherent characteristics. The team conducts regular cuppings and tastings to refine the roasting process and achieve the desired flavors.
  4. Coffee Shop Experience: Beyond sourcing and roasting, Case Study Coffee provides a unique coffee shop experience. Their cafes are designed to be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on creating an environment that encourages customers to appreciate the art of coffee preparation. They train their baristas to ensure consistent and exceptional service.
  5. Expansion and Recognition: Since its founding, Case Study Coffee has expanded its presence with multiple locations in Portland. They have gained a reputation for their dedication to quality and have been recognized by various publications and awards within the specialty coffee industry.
  6. Community Involvement: Case Study Coffee actively participates in the local community. They collaborate with other Portland-based businesses and organizations to promote sustainability, support local artists, and contribute to charitable causes.

Overall, Case Study Coffee has established itself as a respected specialty coffee brand by prioritizing quality, sustainability, and community engagement. Through their dedication to the craft of coffee, they have created a loyal customer base and continue to shape the coffee culture in Portland.

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