Hyper nationalism found in almost every country in the world

Every country in the world has added hyper-nationalism. Every nation believes that our nation is the best in the world because our culture is the best in the world. Hyper-nationalism is based on the romanticization of the past or the glorification of the past. Nationalism or religious ultra-nationalism created under the claim of the Muslim religion poses a threat to the world He had the vision of world government and fought to the death for it. We have the concept of the Vasudeva family there but the iron nation of India Looking at the caste system, the words ‘my caste’ should be inserted instead of ‘Vasudan’. There are two significant issues facing the world right now. The issue of pollution in the atmosphere is important. But that is not to be discussed here, the problem number one in the world is one The world’s economy has become globalized but the main reason why politics is not globalized is one world one government is that every nation believes that if there is one world one government then it will go away from us and our country, our culture is the best in the world then what would we do? The class must have come upon us Under Govt Our Muslim religion Our eternal Hinduism Our Buddhism Our Christianity, our Jainism, our Judaism, etc. get mixed up. In most of the developing countries of the world, except the Western countries, either the religion or the tribes of African countries have come over the people there until the world is divided into nations. The third-world brother will continue. Another major question plaguing the world is related to economics. For many years, the world’s economy has been growing from 3% of cities to one and a half percent of the world’s population growth. Inequality grows and economic inequality grows in India too Thomas P Carey said on Thursday 38 According to the government, the issue of poverty alleviation in India is more urgent than economic inequality. In India, Gujarat is the two richest families Modi and Amit Shah and Sata are at the top. etc. Narendra Modi can’t put it, his personality is more effective than any current leader of the world Although it appears that India’s husbands are increasing in number and economic inequality is increasing or decreasing, there is no clear world figure of it. The leader of the market list is a Nobel Prize winner from the Society of Economics who blames people for the world’s economic inequality.As a result, there will be nationalism in the world until it happens

Updated: June 26, 2023 — 4:18 pm

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