seton home study

Seton Home Study is an educational program that provides homeschooling materials and curriculum for students in grades PreK-12. Seton Home Study School is operated by Seton School, a private Catholic school in Virginia, United States. The program is designed to assist parents in educating their children at home while following a structured curriculum.

Seton Home Study offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers core subjects such as English, math, science, history, and religion, along with additional courses in art, music, and physical education. The curriculum is aligned with Catholic teachings and values, integrating them into the various subjects.

Parents who enroll their children in Seton Home Study receive textbooks, lesson plans, assignments, and other resources necessary for teaching the curriculum. They are responsible for guiding their children through the coursework, grading assignments, and providing ongoing support and instruction.

Seton Home Study School also provides academic counseling and support services to parents, including guidance in curriculum selection, lesson planning, and record-keeping. They offer testing services, allowing students to take standardized tests if desired or required by their state or educational authorities.

Overall, Seton Home Study School aims to provide a structured and comprehensive homeschooling experience for families who prefer to educate their children at home within a Catholic educational framework.

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