study jams

“Study Jams” is an educational music video series created by Scholastic that is designed to help students learn about science, math, and other topics in a fun and engaging way. Each video in the series focuses on a specific topic, such as photosynthesis, fractions, or rocks and minerals, and features an original song and music video that helps explain the key concepts in a memorable way.

The Study Jams series also includes interactive quizzes and activities that help reinforce the material covered in the videos. The series is aimed at students in grades 3-6 and is available online for free on the Scholastic website.

The use of music and visuals in the Study Jams videos can make learning more enjoyable and accessible for students who may struggle with traditional teaching methods. By presenting information in a creative and engaging way, Study Jams helps to make learning a more fun and exciting experience for students.

Updated: April 23, 2023 — 12:57 pm

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